The Greenham Cold War Experience

2018 - 2019

2019 Performances will take place from 18-27 May.  Advance Booking on Corn Exchange Ticket website on the link below. On the day tickets - please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to performance time at Greenham Business Park start point of experience….Enter Business Park through entrance nearest Newbury, then follow signs to Cold War Experience at Venture West Building RG19 6HX.  The Control Tower start point is mostly sold out for all performances, but tickets still available at Business Park start point. Please dress for outdoors and walking.

 2019 Tickets available here

The first staging of the Greenham Cold War Experience was in September 2018:-

“Absolutely loved it! So glad you did this. We learned a lot, laughed a lot and really enjoyed the whole thing - loved the Control Tower and the decontamination suite was brilliant!  You got the Peace Camp women spot on! :)”

“The actors were brilliant - they gave a real sense of what it might have been like to be on the Common during the eighties.”

The Greenham Cold War Experience is a unique opportunity to explore parts of Greenham Common that played a key role in the Cold War, through scenes presented by professional performers.  

These special live events are timed to coincide with the public launch for the opening of Greenham Common Control Tower. Three 15-minute scenes with a Q & A with a local historian, will bring the Cold War of the 1980s to life, and two venues either side of the Common are linked by a 30 minute walk across the beautiful Greenham Common, a Site of Scientific Interest, and filled with wildlife amongst the relics of military life. (Total duration approx 90 to 100 mins).  

Decontamination Suite Tour  

You have been contaminated. Follow the red arrows on the floor. Follow all instructions.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEAVE.  Our theatrical guided tour will unveil the fascinating secrets locked away in Greenham’s chemical decontamination suite, part of the USAF Cold War former Wing Headquarters Building.

Control Tower USAF Experience

It is 14 November 1983. The United States Air Force guide in the first of 96 Cruise missiles to land at RAF Greenham Common.  Join the air traffic control team in the cupola lookout at the top of Greenham Control Tower as they guide in the planes to land on what was once the longest runway in Europe.

Peace Camp Protests

“Which side are you on, Which side are you on”.  The protestors songs speak of the many different factions – the original protestors arriving from Wales, the new international visitors, the opposition of some locals to the peace camps, the military and Cold War situation across the globe…and the cruise missiles arriving at the Greenham base 

Linked by Military History walks (with option to use own vehicle instead of walk)

 “WOW - the decontamination suite performers were FANTASTIC! They really created the mood. The visit has inspired children to do further research into Greenham Common’s history” Mary Hare School 2017 performance of Decontamination Suite Tour 

“Enjoyed the entire event from beginning to end. Well organised. Interesting. Brilliantly acted by welcoming people. So believable!“

The Greenham Cold War Experience is supported and commissioned by the Greenham Trust